More Vex Robotics Merch?

Just trying to gauge the demand (if any) for an expanded Vex merch store. Personally I’d love to have robotics related shirts/apparel that aren’t necessarily affiliated with Worlds or other specific tournaments. Currently all the Vex store offers in terms of apparel are bags, hats and polo shirts, and I’d really like to see more variety from them.

Yes! I would love to see more. There is typically Vex swag available at worlds, but why not all the time? Vex could outsource some of this and get a cut. Shirts sold at competitions are big with our kids.

Car magnets - last seen at Worlds in 2011 I think. Sold out of them. (starting to fade on some parents cars).

t-shirts of cool designs - not just official Vex logo apparel but other items with Vex robot parts incorporated into the designs

buttons, stickers, and other swag for your backpack & laptop

Shameless plug - we have Vexmen car magnets for $5. PM me if you want to buy one. Look like this but die cut at the gear borders. 5-6" across at the width.

I’d definitely buy vex school supplies.

Pull out a vex pencil/pencil from a vex pencil pouch from my vex binder. Even a vex calendar with important dates such as worlds and nationals would be pretty cool.

A Vex laptop bag would also be convenient, or even a phone case would be cool

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I would get a vex phone case I don’t care how much flack I would get it would be just so cool. Or a vex binder for your engineering notebook.

There are many places that will custom print phone cases individually, and you can probably also get custom stationary/binders in relatively small quantities. The VEX logos are here:

The page says:

So it should most likely be fine to use the VEX logo for your own items. Probably best to contact them just to be sure before ordering anything.

I think there could be a good market for Vex licensed products. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Haha I think we have different ideas on what Vex merch should be. I would prefer clothes and tee with branding and stuff, but hey, to each their own :stuck_out_tongue:

I may see if our team is interested in creating a Vex merchandise site as a team fundraiser. They would have to get approval, but I used to be in the ad specialty business so I think it would be a natural fit.

You can get nearly anything printed these days. Having a one stop shop for all your Vex printed items would be cool. I am surprised nobody has done this yet.