Most Accurate Description of Your Notebooker

Notebooker myself here. I don’t mind minor stereotypes, but others might.

  • Always trying to finish notebook quickly and keep building.
  • Sticklers for handwriting (not a bad thing)
  • Hard Working, but rarely involved in team decisions
  • Hard Working, and fantastically dedicated to robotics
  • Hard Working, fantastically dedicated,and a great team leader (This is me when not distracted by memes and cursed images)
  • Mostly spends time on their phone
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5’11", long dark brown hair, brown eyes, last seen in thigh high socks complaining about game rules on the vex forum.


For 42700B, it’s me (5’11", 250lb, handsome as heck.), I just wanted to say that I don’t like that the notebooker is often a disinvolved role given to those who have less clout on the team. It should be the person whose job it is to build or their co-builder, not someone who has little involvement in design and building. @ the same time, I like the idea of introducing interdisciplinary collaboration between people more interested in the arts and people who are more spatial, it may just be handled poorly sometimes.


Under 5 ft, blond hair, girl, only does notebook because she has good handwriting and grammar

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non existant 20charrr


So either your team does not care about notebook, which is more likely, or does care but works together on it, in which case your team deserves utmost respect.

Or you do Vex IQ, in which the notebook should be done by the whole team.

It’s just bcoz my team is full of wastemen that do nothing

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for me its building way too much, then catching up with the notebook just a bit, rinse and repeat. Man, two man teams definetly have disadvantages.


We don’t have one. As in, we don’t have a dedicated notebooker role. We have a really bad notebook as well, so maybe we should have one. However, one of my sister teams that has a lot of my friends on it has a god tier notebooker named Naomi. Holy goodness gracious she is amazing at it. I have never seen any school assignments with that much work put into it let alone a recreational activity.

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Have they won excellence/design award?

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Medium-length brown hair under a beanie
Blue eyes
Last seen wearing a button-down shirt with flamingoes on it
Oh, and drowing the world out with Will Wood and One Direction


Yep. We had a one time bracket tournament and they won the design award and in our league, which has three matches, then alliance selection, and then a tournament to decide a tournament champion, they will definitely get Excellence. No doubt about it.

Our note booker is so good at drawing I have a hard time telling the pictures apart from the sketches


awww how sweet of you



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Extremely smart, handsome, only one with the login to the vex forum account, and muscular.


Hey i think we have the same notebooker

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Update: No longer Will Wood, but bad indie rock. Still 1D tho, unironically. My listening started as ironic, but then my friend got me hooked. Forgive me, DRow, for I have sinned.

Annoying, not a designated person, and who holds the notebook is the notebooker.

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