Most Accurate EDR CAD Files

I know this question has been asked before but can someone direct me to the most accurate CAD files for the EDR parts? Are the ones on the retail site the best? BTW I’ve completely switched to Fusion 360 so whatever will work with it. I’m assuming just plain stl.

The ones directly off the vex robotics website with the parts have always been great, perfectly accurate as far as i know.

I use Jordan (BNS)'s library. I originally downloaded it from the BNS website, but since that has since disappeared. Maybe somebody on the forum could post a link to where to download it now? It’s a great library, especially with iMates on like every part. I’m still using the 2013 version, though.

@LegoMindstormsmaniac made an updated version.

Does anyone have a version that has circles pre drawn on the c-channels? Or is there another way to quickly constrain pieces such as axles so they can spin freely without using the insert constraint?

We have a pretty good cad library. Consider giving it a try. Doing constraints is pretty easy.

Here’s the most recent version: 2016 BNS CAD Library (beta)

Some newer parts are missing, I keep hoping that someday I’ll find time to update it.

Thanks! I’ve been meaning to post that for like 8-9 months now…

@LegoMindstormsmaniac: Thanks for sharing!, Could you put these on github so we can always have a link to the latest version?