Most common lifts

What kind of lifts do you guys see most often? I think a 6 bar is the most popular


I have seen 6 and 8 bars because Eureka made them but DR4B and Scissor lifts are the most popular.

claw bots

sad but true

and push bots

4-bars to lift mobile goals are pretty popular.

I do see lots of chain bars

In the Illinois area, DR4Bs seem the most common.

The most efficient for linear movement have been dr4b’s or dr6b’s, or some fusion of the two. These are often improved by the addition of a small four bar or chain bar for internal stacking.

Chain bars alone may allow for the quickest stacking of 1-6 cones, but are frequently much more limited in height. They also struggle with the stationary goal.

There are also scissor lifts, elevator lifts, and the more basic 8,6,4 and 1 bar lifts.

Does anyone know a good way to build elevator lifts like 929U with chain

Step 1;
Become 929U
Step 2: you have it

Fair enough. I made these 2 huge towers that I have to build a chain bar in between them, and I put them on too narrow so I have to undo my progress and move the towers 2 dots and redo it all.

929U does.

I would just build two towers on opposite sides of the drive, make a loop of chain with each side, attach the bars you are going to mount the chainbar too, mount the chainbar, and be done.

of the teams in my class, 4 bars and chain bars seem to be the most common

DR4B’s are the best, though. Then probably scissorlifts after that.

true. although scissor lifts can be tricky to build.

Very much so, we’re getting our trashes kicked right now because we spent so long trying to build a scissorlift right as we adjusted from IQ to EDR and are way behind on our driver practice.

They posted some pretty detailed info about it back a couple months ago