Most Competitive Region/State

What do you think the most competitive region/state is? We are curious how competition outside of Indiana is looking. I know most of the best teams around the world don’t have videos displaying their designs, but a majority of teams I’ve seen wouldn’t make it in Indiana (based off YouTube footage). However, my knowledge of team history outside of Indiana is near zero.


As well as Texas and ontario


I have seen a few threads before on stuff relating to this. It’s determined by a lot of factors, like how well the teams do at world’s, how much they score in skills, how much they score in matches, etc. Besides what people have already said, I would add Singapore, New Zealand, Hawaii, and BC. EDIT: + CHINA

I agree with all of the above.
Don’t forget about China though.

Uh, Singapore? Seriously, they make the best MS bots out there. It’s ridiculous.

North Texas is AWFUL

Arizona has a competitive region; we have about 6-7 really strong organizations, each with multiple teams and a large grouping of average robots below them.

Gonna drop this link.

I prefer this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously… Only MS?
Awwww… that hurts (for the HS teams in Singapore)…

Given I have been the first pick of 1st seed and tournament champs at one event, and the 2nd ranked team at another, with a janky 11 motor robot built with scrap and spare parts in like 4 hrs, and competed without a programmer, i’d say Maryland is pretty dang weak. That being said the MDMA is looking to make MD the vex meme center of the world.

California and Texas are very competitive usually.


We are no where close to other regions

I would say North/south Texas

I’m not going to say that my region (Georgia) is too competitive, but I think we have a few teams like last year that could potentially go to the Round Robbin at Worlds.

In other parts of the world I would say Singapore, China, Texas, California, and Ontario.

Within NA it would be california, texas, and ontario, and hawaii it looks like
Within Asia, it would be Singapore and China

Forgot to add, New Zealand is on this list as well

Don’t forget about Virginia. Virginia has some really good teams this year.

I would say Ontario. We have to compete against some of the top teams in the world like Discobots, and Shocks.

Hawaii easily one of the most competitive just because our season is so early.