Most competitive regions?

We all know that some places are harder for vex teams than others. I was curious as to which were the most competitive/hardest regions in your opinion.


I think texas region 3. We have the discobots from Carnegie and from what I’ve heard they make it to worlds every year


Utah can get pretty competitive with 185A and all the 2131 teams


I’m surprised nobody mentioned China yet


Though one of the top ten robots in the world for a few years came from Alabama where I am. I will forever remember them as the Mountain Dew bot from their decorations.

imo soCal is probably the most competitive region in the world.


(20 char)…


2of the top 5 robots are from britich Columbia, Canada


Not super competitive as far as worldwide rankings go, but for whatever reason, Texas 4 is more competitive than one might expect.


Do note that each season the challenge lends itself to new challenges for teams. Also, HS 1/4 of the individuals have moved on to colleges, and at middle school (6-8) there is 1/3 student turnover. SO it seems a little premature to speak about competitive regions until January.

Totally South Dakota, right?

(I’m being sarcastic)


No, South New Jersey!


I was asking as an average of previous seasons, not the current one. Sorry for implying only this season.

[quote=“Math_TriangleYT, post:13, topic:68266”]
I was asking as an average of previous seasons, not the current one.
How is that helpful considering:

  • 1/4 HS students move on
  • 1/3 MS students move on
  • 100% of the challenge changes year to year

Teams that existed prior years do not exist this year in the same configuration.

I am not sure what the purpose of this thread is, other than ego boost.


@lacsap Although it is true what you said, there are still certain regions with organizations which are consistently well performing every year. Furthermore, even though the high school seniors graduates, the freshmen (now 10th graders) will have learned from the robots that they saw the upperclassmen build. They will then strive to make robots that are that good, as they see that as the goal.


Darn you have found the best part of our state

Still, a lot of room for variation this early in the season. Or would you have everyone just give up? :slight_smile:

I don’t understand what you are trying to say, could you please rephrase it?

It’s a smaller region just with a decent amount of good teams. I think the close relations with North Texas and South Texas kind of helps, and they don’t go to our regionals.

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If you are stating most competitive without regard to games, maybe it makes sense to look at performance over many season might make sense. But reality is for this season you want to look at the data only from this season and preferably from more than one tournament. … The games are sufficiently different that comparing an organization from TP to TT is not very valid.