Most Compicated Vex Build Ever!

My idea was to make a LIFE SIZE vex humaniod robot. Maybe this would be impossible, but if we all came to gether to work on the desin and construction of this robot it would turn out great. I know this would requrie hundreds upon hundreds of sevos, moters and parts , but maybe if we could some how tie multiple micro prossecers together (ie, 1 for left hand, 1 for right hand, 1 for arm) with cerial cables and multieple transmitters recivers to gether this might work. We would have to work together for this build to work. Another idea i had was for one person build/desian a arm, one person a leg, ect. So would this work?

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Although the idea is very interesting. The logisitcs of building a robot this complicated would be extremely comlicated. The best scientists in the world are working on these type of projects with the most complicated equitment. Vex simply isn’t powerful enough to preform all of this. Also, getting people to work together on this would be difficult.
Although it is a cool idea, it’s too complicated to actually do.
Lets start SMALL and built up.

so, a model of it first?

Your idea is excellent! especially the idea of using multiple networked MCUs for controlling the various android limbs. The cost of building such a robot and the complexity of developing the software/firmware to control it, including giving it artificial intelligence may be beyond what we can accomplish today.

Maybe we should start with a simpler Vex robot that has some of these features. In fact, there was a robot kit sold during the 80’s called the Heathkit Hero 1 that had many features that you mentioned including a robot arm that could hand you a can of soda, and talk to you about the weather. You can still find these robots on E-Bay and on the WEB.

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I think that is a really cool idea, but your talking about huge amounts of money also, to buy, probably, like a thousand metal kits, tons of processors, and all the odds and ends.

However, if you are serious about making one, start with a CAD model, to see if you can do this. Maintaince on one of those things would be tourcher, but hey, its all part of it right?

Good Luck!

I would be interested in collborating on this…I think though it would be easier to start on a torso…walking and legs to support a life size bot would be very tricky.

ya you probally could do this with vex but it would be tougher than just getting hi-end products like hi-tec servos and the like check out before you start building with vex though

I have used the Parallax Servo Controller for my Vex applications. It can control up to 16 Vex servos or Vex motors (32 if two boards are networked) using only one I/O pin from a Parallax STAMP BS2 MCU. The STAMP is programmed using PBASIC (which is easier to learn than C) and is just the thing for controlling your android’s servos and motors. It would be nice if the Vex Controller could also be used in this manner.

For more information on Parallax STAMPS go to

Check out photos of my Hero 2007 Robot. It currently uses 4 Vex motors for 4WD drive and 1 Vex motor to pan the robot’s head an owl like 0-180 Degrees or to rotate it continuously for maximum sensor coverage. Currently it can dance and move about very fast under Vex RC remote control, but I am in the process of upgrading it with a Parallax Servo Controller for autonomous operation.