Most Dangerous Thing At Competition

So about a week ago, our 6 motor drive was driving really fast. We stopped too suddenly and the robot jerked forward and went head-first into the field wall and we couldn’t move. So my question is, what is the most dangerous thing that has happened to you during a competition?

One of our team leaders tripped over someone while carrying his robot back to the pits after inspection. I find that crowded pits can become very dangerous for some students.

During a match, the most dangerous thing that has happened would have been last year when we almost tipped our robot over while trying to score too quickly.

Was the person on the floor okay?

Yeah, but sadly his flywheel wasn’t.

It wasn’t too hard to fix though before qualifications started.

Let me guess the shaft bent.

Yeah :frowning:

I’ve deleted a few posts for being pointless.

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I wouldn’t call it “pointless”, because I’m asking if teams have taken damage because of accidents.

So let’s just say my drive is very fast… Like really really fast. So the first match at the first tournament I brought it to, I knocked the low goal bar clean out of its holders when I drove from the other side of the ring :slight_smile:

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One of the other teams from my school left their robot on the edge of their pit table and someone walking past caught the edge of it and knocked it down. The flywheel sustained a bit of damage, but that was not the only time it was knocked down that day. It qualified 9th, but was inoperable for the quarterfinals. Keep your robot far from the edge and take watchful care.

The posts had nothing to do at all with robots. That is why they were deleted.

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That happened to one of my prototypes as well.

Kids running through the tournament, especially while carrying their robots. Duh.
Kids Dremeling without supervision or the faintest clue.
Kids shooting parts with rubber bands. Duh.
Parents who get over-excited because their little darlings just lost.

No offender to the middle schoolers on the forum but…

All of those points are what makes me happy they split state (ms/hs) this year. Most teams (Willis teams) aren’t bad at all but then there are other teams that just annoy me for these things

I doubt it’s really a hazard but I’ve seen some huge “octopus” power bar setups with people connecting like 20 chargers.

Rainbow bot from Sack Attack

Haha. They missed S1 apparently… and forgot to test their autonomous.

I’m sorry, I started in skyrise, what was this?

It was in Texas

Oh, it wasn’t even in APM.