Most Dangerous Thing At Competition

Not quite that, but robots cooperating to deliberately ram one of our bots over and over on the practice field to damage it.

After one match we got DQed from, i picked up the robot and kinda gently threw it at our pit. The robot was mad and cut my arm…now i have a scar from it.

Why did you get DQ’ed from the match?

@ThunderRobotics The Refs were Connecticut refs reffing a Massachusetts comp. The Refs said that while loading the intake the back of your hand can’t touch the floor, i guess my teammates hand did…or maybe it was because his daughter was on the opponents team…

That’s a huge conflict of interest right there. I hope vex makes some rules against this next season.

@ekk yeah, it was dirty business. He also was the coach of that team, it sucked because we needed that match to be in 8th for alliance picking.

It wouldn’t help his team for him to DQ yours though, the match score would still stand and for it to be a DQ they would have lost

@ThunderRobotics i know that, the ref said otherwise

I would be very careful of the allegations and insinuations you make on a public forum.

[s]Two other refs were in use during that event - both from Massachusetts. Also, the RECF had quite a bit of presence at the event. Had their been a question of impartiality of the Head Ref, it would more than likely been addressed.

If you have issues with events in the future, you can bring your concerns to the Event Partner.[/s]

I was thinking this was a DQ at SNE this year. I could not find a DQ in the qualifying matches (a score of 0) your team was in.

Glad we are not too annoying lol.

The most dangerous thing is high velocity flywheels. Once my hand slipped and I touched a gear spinning at 2500 rpm and it shredded the tip of my finger.

Oh so painful this is, I have done this also.

The day before one of our competitions, I was not in the best of health (lack of sleep plus whatever flu was going around at the time). While I was working on our autonomous, the robot decided to drive forward. We don’t have a field perimeter, and thus, no low goal bar. To stop the robot from destroying our net, I lunged forward to grab the robot. Instead of grabbing the bar on the top of our robot, I grabbed the flywheel, complete with cut zipties.

Thanks for saying that about our teams!

For me it has to be during the Northern California State SKyrise tournament during the second final match when the red alliance robot fell into the drivers area.

Our bot has a 4 bar and if you were to be working on it and someone was to like step on our controller or it fell off the table it could 100% take your finger off not even exaggerating. Pro tip: unplug your bot before working on it.

Motor controller to flywheel caught on fire. My 2 team members said, “Its on Fire.” Backed up slowly and just looked at the fire, while I disconnected the battery and covered the controller with a fire blanket.

Same thing happened at BCIT with a 6’ scissor lift.

Yeah, falling skyrise robots were really fun, especially at worlds with the raised fields.

It wasn’t in competition, but some of my classmates love to make weapon-grade rubber band guns.