Most efficient way to transfer mobile goals discussion

what would be the best form of scoring mobile goals in the far zone build wise?
There are two ways of scoring I have thought of so far: keeping the movable post with you at all times which adds lots of weight to your base. Or score the moveable goal on the field, outside of the robot, ** ** ** ** either alone, or while pushing it with you.

There are two ways I have thought of getting over the 3-inch bump to score in the far zone: Making a separate lift just for lifting the mobile goals, using 1-2 motors. Or elevating the whole base, I thought of this when I looked back at 118’s robot from nothing but net.
How they used a piston to elevate their front of the base off of the ground. I know it sounds crazy, especially because of how much heavier the robots will be with big lifts and all, but does anyone think it will be possible, maybe even with motors? I’d imagine that a wheel would also need to be placed to the point which lifts the robot to move forward while elevated. Please, give me your thoughts.

I’d look at team 202’s In The Zone reveal that they did the day after the game reveal. They integrated their mobile goal lifter into their cone claw. It’s worth looking into for ideas.

My take on this is that if you can get your goal mechanism to reach beyond your robot, you won’t have to deal with the 2-3/8" pipe at all.