Most everything that can go wrong with RobotC + Robot

Hello, due to some unfortunate turn of events I have lost all control of my robot. This started after I had a motor on my robot not working and I decided to update all the firmware. It has gotten to the point where it no longer will function with joystick and I get a debug exception when downloading. I would really like some help as competition is this weekend and I do not know if I will be able to get to school computers again due to weather issues. Any help is appreciated. RobotC is 4.52, I have updated master cpu and joystick to 4.52 aswell. I have also tried another cortex.

Did you update the vexnet keys?

no, I have been using a to a cable for testing however, so I don’t think that will make a difference.

Try using the wifi keys.
Don’t you have to update the cable too?

First, go to and get the firmware upgrade utility. Update the Cortex (even if you’ve already done so before).
Then, go into firmware download in RobotC and only download the RobotC firmware. I had problems similar to yours when I tried updating the Master CPU firmware. These steps fixed my problem.

  • Kudos to RobotC support for their help :wink:

Alright. I did that. now I get the slow blinking yellow on cortex vex net light only, it is yellow on joystick

Wait, nvm, I got the test motor I have to work. I will check back once I connect all to robot! Thanks