Most important advance in technology

what do you think advanced the world the most
choose from list or supply own opinion

note: anybody who votes plz note that the second telephone comes up i meant to type television ok ty
Yours truly, Heavy Metal

Print is the most important technological advancement. With out a way to share knowledge, and allow someone to build on findings of others, nothing on you list would exist.

I think computers because they started out at the size of a room and now they are only 2 to 5 pounds depending on ur liking, plus back than you didn’t have a home computer.

i will have to agree with the computer being the greatest advance, i mean the internet is important for information sharing, right?

technology is sweet
technology is great
especially when it processes
the food to put on your plate

like my poem for teechnology:D

I see controversy starting so let stay on topic…

I think computers are the best advancement because they started out in huge rooms and now you can take your laptop anywhere.

I didn’t pick cell phone, but I would have thought more people would have picked it. Considering how many people use them and how many business’ stay in business because of them. They too have come a long way size wise. In the early to mid 80’s they were half the size of a family sized cereal box! Now they are small enough to slip into a wallet if you wanted (I wouldn’t reccomend this).

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srry got to far into the life talk

ummm… what about the wheel

srry i meant advances within the last 500 yrs.
the wheel was invented way before ad
hope thats ok

We could have done without the wheel, we would have needed gears though, haha!

how would we move parallel to the ground? (don’t say tank treads they evolved from the wheel)

spider legs, have you seen the robot yet. It would work.

so would you rater go to school on a bus or automobile that works on spider legs traveling at less than walking speed, or use the wheel which can go hundreds of miles per hour.

I wish my bus went that fast I had an hour bus ride. I drive now. I think I’d like to see a bus with spider legs, that would be cool.

ur bus ride would be like 10 hours long if you used spider legs. my bu takes about 10 minutes. i am the first stop to be picked up. ( i live in a development so there are like 10 kids per block that go to my school. So the bus fills up quickly.)

The Transistor. without it modern versions of anything on that list would not exist.

gunpowder and the Combustion engine would exist without a transistor.