Most important part in VEX to you

Aside from the obvious Cortex, what is your opinion on the THE most important part in your VEX parts inventory for NbN?

The standoff. Hands down.

The most important part is the students themselves. It’s why we (mentors) do what we do.

I’d say the battery to power the cortex. If that still doesn’t count, I would probably say the c-channel; without it, it would not be easy to build anything.

Would you count the PTC’s in the motors?

Aside from the battery and all… Stand offs for us. We have gone through massive amounts!

The good old aluminum C channel.
We couldn’t have a good structure without it.

Guys are we forgetting nuts and bolts???!!!

Being an extremely low funded team, we have little parts. We have like very, very few c channels. Easily the most important part to us is the standoff as it allows us to attach 2 weak pieces together to make a strong piec

Lock Nuts. Every nut on my teams robot is a lock nut.

Zip ties

Rubber bands.
We can’t survive without rubber bands.
Alliance #64 rubber bands forever.
(We bought a bunch of rubber bands last year and when we opened them recently, they were too easily stretchable. Lesson: Rubber bands expire)

C-channel and standoffs are both very important.

If it counts, the programming laptop, which was the one thing we forgot at our first ever competition. If the laptop doesn’t count, then I would say c-channels.

Vex 393 motor, without it, our robot would do nothing.

Zip ties fix literally anything

Shaft collars… Although they always seem to disappear when we need them…

…Um aren’t you guys forgetting something. BEARINGS!

Most important is CLEARLY the c-channel. Without it, good luck making even a claw bot

Standoffs + collars + setscrews > c-channels.