Most important part in VEX to you

I don’t think any robot would get very far without axles.

This is a pretty hard question to answer. For the most part, there aren’t any stand alone items that don’t rely on other items. Axles are necessary for movement, but with out bearings axles aren’t nearly as useful. Standoffs are super important, but without structural pieces what’s the point of the standoff?

Every part relies on a few other parts to be useful.
You can’t have motors without all of the other electrical components (excluding sensor).
You can’t have structure without C channel and nuts & bolts.
You can’t have complex motion without linkages of many different parts.

Never mind, I just realized that this answer isn’t related to the intent of the original question.

I seem to remember we had a very similar thread a little while back, anyway, gotta be the vex programming cable, life is so much easier when you are not running around with an a-a cable tethered to your robots cortex trying to test some new code :D.

c-channel, nuts, screws, and bolts, motors/MC29, batteries and chargers, vexnet keys and joystick, and wheels are all of equal importance, with that you can make a robot that moves (albeit not very well). After that bearing flats so the robot can move well, locking collars and set screws so wheels and axles don’t move off the robot, then programming hardware/software, so the robot has something other than the default code, 2 wire extension cables, gears, standoffs, elastics (rubber bands or latex tubing), sensors, 3 wire extension cables. and thus concludes my list of the most important vex parts, and I’m sure I forgot a least one thing.

I know the threads about the parts you find most important. But of the parts that you don’t absolutely need (screws, nuts, …), I think the wireless programming cable is one of the crucial “parts” any good team should have. You don’t absolutely need it, but it saves a ton of time.

Reminds me of my team’s first robot this season. It just was a low goal bot with an intake supported by a drive shaft and zip ties to keep it from pivoting.

Safety glasses.

You can’t play without them.

And with all the mechanisms this year under tension from rubber bands or spinning at high speeds, you really should be wearing them at all times.

Here are not many things in the regional area that are exciting, but in worlds the game reveal and final is totally the best part, so much excitement.