Most important Supplies

Our club is planning on moving to a new space next season and we have the opportunity to completely reorganize everything. We could just move our stuff but out school is really open to getting basically whatever we need so here’s my question: What are some of the most important, non-obvious parts, tools, organization, supplies, etc. to have for vex? Are there any good ways to organize parts that you’ve found? Is there an easy was to secure valuable items in a space that other teachers at the school can access? (They couldn’t previously)
Our school is probably willing to pay for whatever computers/lights/etc that we tell them we need for now.
Thanks for any help.

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Tackle boxes or small parts bins are a must


Thanks. We have a rolling cart filled with parts but it’s full so we need to get another one. I still need to find a good way to organize C-channel though

If you need more precise organization I’d organize them in bundles of specific widths wrapped in zip ties

A closet should fill this role just fine

Thanks. maybe I should have been more specific: we can likely get space in a closet but it connects to the art rooms who are already using it. We can still put things in there and lock it but we should probably just lock the spare V5’s in a cabinet or something.

If the box that most of your supplies are currently in has a locking compartment, I’d just use that. If you don’t, locking is definitely something I’d suggest you look for when you find boxes in the future

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