Most irritating fail this season?... (16/17)

I wrote over our team’s 60 second autonomous while attempting to prototype an autonomous driving maneuver. Saved instead of save as. This is all 3 days before the state competition ;-;

RE: Check your recycle bin! It should be there, since ROBOTC practically spams it… If you can’t find the correct program, click “View” in the tab on top and change the list to description or something like that, and look at the date it got moved to the recycling bin. :slight_smile:

With me, the most irritating fail this season was that we had 4 broken batteries (wires snapped/cut) and someone put one of those batteries on our robot.
Fun match when your CORTEX doesn’t turn on!

you… didn’t check for flashy lights?

most irritating fail… in the elimination rounds of one tournament I somehow managed to hit the fence in a way that the robot tipped over and got stuck so that I couldn’t get back up… While it was frustrating it was pretty funny too, I couldn’t really do anything so I stopped driving and took a selfie with the mc while the match was still going on. Luckily we had a great partner and won the match anyway. Looking back, probably one of my favorite Vex moments ever XD

Our most recent tournament: First match a star got stuck under our lift. Our next match got rescheduled because a team was missing, so we had only 1 match before lunch. On the next match On our lift, a collar came of which let the lift seperat a little. This made the gear get stuck on a screw and we could not lower our lift. On the next match, the same thing happened to happen on the other side.

Our team was first place going into the final match of the qualifiers, only had to win, solidly had the lead in stupid points (SPs) and and APs. The battery for the power expander didn’t get properly connected and it rendered the robot the worse push bot ever.

They still were able to win in the elimination rounds, but it was harder.

Match Video:

Wow, rescheduled a match because a team was missing. Here, if a team doesn’t show for a match, we run the match anyway.

Same here. Life lesson!

And here.

They were our alliance partner. I would have been fine running the match without them.

That’s an interesting use of the passive voice.

Good video. I’ve seen the “Push-Claw” design a few times this season, though yours looks very nice.

Not sure I understand what error I made with that statement, but my degree was in Engineering so I don’t English the best :slight_smile:

Better video of the teams design working would be this one.

They went for capacity over speed.

Passive means you avoid claiming ownership of an action. It is what MS Word is always complaining about with the green squigglies. It is the difference between “Noun verbed the object.” and “Object was verbed (by the undisclosed noun)”

Well it wasnt my action :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, passive voice can be the correct choice. My understanding from what you wrote was that either:

1.) Someone else on the team made a mistake with the battery, and you didn’t feel you should call them out on it here. But you didn’t want to claim ownership for the problem. Or the less likely possibility, which is:
2…) You didn’t plug in the battery, but you didn’t want to claim ownership of the problem.

The first is more likely, since you could just have chosen not to mention it at all.

Yeah option 1. I’m a mentor. I sat up in a balcony and filmed the disaster. Haha

For one of the teams I mentor In their very first competition of the season, the autonomous they ran left the robot on its side with the claws interlaced in the fence. The driver tried to get up various ways, but it just wasn’t going to happen. They never scored a point, just lay there with the claws waving uselessly.

After that match I was very helpful. I told them “I hope that hurt. Then you won’t forget it.”

They got the autonomous sorted out. Though there were a couple more hiccups, they never completely disabled themselves again.

yeah this student was basically running solo that day due to one of his partners getting sick and the other at another activity. We didn’t give him too much trouble over it, just required he figure out a way to insure that never happens again.

We’ve been in that situation

Most fun: We asked our coder to make the claw auto close on robot disconnect/auton ends/other things for testing. We spent the next week trying to figure out why every time we raised the arm it closed. instead of deleting he cut it, and pasted it instead of our correct function.