Most powerful things you have created or seen in vex

Ya know I can safely say that I can only block code. Considering I am on a 2 person team and my teammate can code real easily I don’t have to worry about that.


Coding dosen’t work for everyone. Thai’s why VEX is a team based robotics … thing.

That is crazy. I am having trouble just building a simple fly wheel.

If you need help just ask. One advatage to this is we know what to do to get these high speeds

Last year, I made a robot I named B.R.I.C.K. for VRC Spin Up. It was a 400 rpm 60w drive on 3.25" wheels. Nothing special, however due to previous struggles with roller control in the last 30 seconds, we decided we needed more pushing power, and out of it came a drivetrain that had a transmission. The transmission allowed us to shift between 400 RPM and 15 RPM, allowing us to achieve a truly ludicrous amount of torque. The bot was so strong it could pull a person easily and could out-torque 88 watt drives. We used this to trap teams during endgame, allowing us to get a win against the #5 and #7 teams in the world at the time simultaneously. (100A and 21417A) Truly a menace of a robot and one of my favorite builds ever.


Also, my worlds robot last year was kinda funny. We were Opportunity if you want to see it, and it would make a clicking sound when you engaged the drivetrain, then zoom across the field to its target, then stop.

At worlds, I think we were queing for a match, when we heard this loud sound, and I’m pretty sure it was PYRO using that thing. It was really loud.

Loving this comment, we may share some common experience…

What a fun match.

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greatest reveal of all time:


Not sure if this is a powerful thing, but its pretty funny:


Pics? Sounds awesome. Spin up is probably the last game I’d expect teams to run a transmission in.

So one team got dq, then another battery, and then another one got stuck, and then another motor fell off. sad

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Oh and I forgot the auton did not work. double sad.

My coder insists that he is the driver :upside_down_face:

Fr, I’m planning on doing it again this year but just doing the 25000 RPM so I cal launch triballs across the gym

I need to see that :cold_face::cold_face:

that is ingenious, I absolutely love it but I’d hate to be against it in a match

Oh no no no that is a awful idea, whenever you let coders even touchg the countroller it always ends up bad

I want to see it too, that is if my mentor doesn’t follow through with my robotics suspension for state :sob:

also something that happened at our summer camp this year was a few 7th and 8th graders built the hero bot and were learning how to change the cartridges in motors. The axel on the arm that allow it to go up and down turned from a straight axel to a drill bit.