Most suitable gear ratio for base

I was thinking what kind of gear ratio would be perfect for a base for this season.

I was originally looking for speed, but then realised that having enough torque would also be important since pushing battles will be quite common this year.

Any ideas for what I should use for my base?

12 Motor High-Torque!

So I had thought about the same thing this year and found the perfect solution. A transmission! Best way to have speed or power at the push of a button. There are a few ways you could build them and the two speeds really come in handy. Im still in the process of fine tuning mine but ill attach a photo. We wanted 3 motors per side but the configuration it was in caused the chain to skip so its still being modified. I personally didnt find it to complicated to build, you just have to understand how they work and what it requires. Good Luck! [ATTACH]9466[/ATTACH]



Yes, I agree with transmission for power and speed.
Having the power as in the GIF might help in pushing battles :smiley:

1:3 :smiley:

I have seen 1:5 and 1:3 around on the forum

I think right now I am most convinced by 1:3… but I am still worried that it won’t have the necessary torque to handle pushing battles

Not sure if you could push more then a fly with a 1:3 and anywhere under 8 motors.