Most unique Drives and robot archetypes?

What are the most unique drives you’ve seen used? I’ve seen no legged robots used, but I think most would agree that they are one of the most unique drives (yes I hear you screaming jumping drive fans). But, in terms of wheeled drives, are there any one of a kind or rare drives that you’ve seen used that have worked?

And what about robot archetypes: I’ve only ever seen two robots use standoffs to manipulate MoGos, and I’ve only seen a few Shopping Cart robots. Are there any others?

Hopefully, I’ll create a spreadsheet or something to show what the most unique ones are.

This prototype made by AURA is pretty neat:


Not VRC but


That kind of looks like Triple Crown without the weapons.

If we are also talking about non vex wheels, I have always found this to be very cool:


Variable shifting X-drive: