Most views on a post

The post with the most views is currently this one:

It has 1,168,003 views. If I hold cmd+r for 27 hours and 17 minutes I should be able to surpass this number with my rough estimate of 714 reloads/minute.

Who wants to help?

edit to admins: If y’all don’t like this please delete it

You need to not be logged into an account for it to update the view count every time you reload. By the way why do you want to do this?

idk it seems kind of fun
edit: and if it does get a lot of “views” then I can change it to whatever I want (some silly vex related question probably)

You could very easily download a key presser to do it automatically

Or, because we are all engineers here, build one mechanically.

Unfortunately, out of curiosity I clicked the link for the post you linked. Now theres one more view you need to overcome.

A couple of years ago, a few kids from my school may have done this… I believe the post was made about bringing a bouncy castle to worlds. On multiple computers, they made the page refresh with an automatic clicker many times. I don’t know what the number was when the mods finally took it down, but it was extremely high

This appears to be incorrect. I am logged in and i can click refresh over and over and watch the view counter go up. It may be a side effect of our network security, though.

More like 265 per second. I tried.

Pardon my ignorance but could you just do this with a Python script?

Cant edit a post after 24 hours IIRC

So we’d better hurry!