Motion of the nonparallel n-bar

Another team asserted the idea that by making a four bar nonparallel, the gear ratio of a lift is effectively changed. They say by tilting the top of the connecting bar towards the back of the lift, the gear ratio would effectively be raised. (Less torque, more speed, etc.) Can anyone confirm this? I haven’t seen anything actually change in practice.

Also, what about using this for a 6 bar? How would changing each of the parallel to be different angles effect the lift? Could this lend to the wrist motion in dumpers we’ve been after?

I know I have a lot of questions, but this could be an elegant solution to a big problem.

I don’t know about the gear ratio part. However, when you make the bars not parallel, it changes the angle of the end bar as the lift lowers and raises. Alba’s reveal had a 6 bar with non parallel bars which allowed the tray to be flat when the lift was lowered and angled down when the lift was raised.