Motion Sensitive Lock

Sorry for the wording, but what I mean is something that would keep something still, and then when the robot moves it would release so you could expand something. I was wondering if there was a good design for one of these “motion sensitive locks”. I already know the one with the rubber band on the gear, but I don’t really have a good spot to put it where the rubber band wouldn’t get in the way off something else. So if you could post some designs, that would be awesome.:slight_smile:

What is the “rubber band on the gear” referring to?

I’ve seen many anti-tip mechanisms that use rubber bands on wheels. I haven’t had a chance to play around with this, but I think it would be worth trying.

Tell me how it goes?


So is there anything else but the wheel/gear with a rubber band?

How does it work?
I think for some cases you could use inertia to make something flip out.

Well, you strap a rubber band to a gear that will move, then when the gear moves, the rubber band releases and what ever it is attached to can move. Also, I already have something that will flip out with only inertia. And please don’t post if its not a design.

What about using the wall as the advantage? Like the wall holding the thing/intake, then when you drive forward, the thing would extend by force of a bit of rubber bands (This could be useful for those big forks that extend)

This would be a great idea for forklift people. But, since I have not really gotten what I need, I’ll tell you what I need to be released. So I have a design were my intake looks like a 7 at the beginning, I have everything worked out but how to release the top part so it can flip out, at the end, it will have doubled in size and is like a /.

I have an idea, but might need some tweaking to get it working.
Black: intake
Green: pivot point
Red: stops
Orange: rubber bands

By inertia, the black top part will flip out a little bit. It just has to flip out enough so that the rubber bands will change the direction that it pulls the top part.

I don’t understand…?

Something like this locking pin we used on our Skyrise 24" bot might be useful. If you get one of the tiny shafts tight in some pneumatic tubing and fix it to your frame, you can stick it in a spot so it locks either something that slides or is hinged in and when you move the mechanism (with a lift or arm, or even drive) it will pull away from the pin and spring out.

Oh ma gosh, this is, it’s, it’s perfect. The video freaked me out the first time, so calm and peaceful, then BANG!

Oh, sorry for scaring you. Yeah that was a really cool mechanism because it’s so small, simple and lightweight.