Motor 393 Integrated Encoder Module Help

Struggling with Integrated Motor Encoders, i’m trying to make the motors move a small distance forward, backwards, and turning. It seems like there is a better way. I have the code below. Thank You.

Next goal Auto Straight any tips?
Intigrated motor Encoders fix.c (2.08 KB)

What sensors do you have on your robot for auto-straightening

For sensors we are suing the Integrated Motor Encoders.

Is there a reason you are instituting legal proceeding against a sensor? What did it ever do to you?

He meant ‘using’, not ‘suing’. It was a small typo.

In this part of the code you are trying to go forward, correct? And while going forward the encoders count backwards? I’m also assuming that when you reset the encoders they go back to zero. If this is the case than you need to do less than, not greater. When you start out the encoders are already greater than -1000, when you are in negative numbers it’s still counting down, not up.