Motor 393 integrated motor encoder

This sensor is a new concept for me and I was thinking about purchasing it for my team. But i have some questions about how it works. Since it replaces the cap of a 393 motor, do i still need to plug in the 2-wires to a motor controller 29 that then connects to the cortex as well as the 4 wire extension that connects to the cortex through a different port? If thats so, it basically means my motor will have two connections to the cortex. And if i have two motors on the same axle and one motor has this encoder, will it effect its performance at all?

Yes to still needing to plug in the 2 wire leads. Yes to needing to plug in the 4 wire leads to the cortex. And no having another motor on the same shaft won’t affect the performance at all cause the encoder doesn’t change the performance all it does it counts the rotations of the motor shaft.

Basically, the 2-wire cable that you connect to the motor controller, is for supplying the motor with power, while the 4-wire cable is for the ime.