Motor 393 Refurb Kit

Motor 393 Refurb Kit - P/N: 276-2487 - $4.99 USD/CDN

The Motor 393 Replacement Gear set has been replaced by the Motor 393 Refurb Kit.

This convenient replacement gear pack for the 2 Wire Motor 393 will get you going again without having to purchase a new motor. Includes one full set of gears and a full set of replacement screws for the case assembly.

oh great … thanks … i am ordering some replacement gear next week, will order these instead !

Thanks !

Maybe you can think about including 10 sets of these with every team registration. :stuck_out_tongue:

Better have a lot of these at the world championship.

Will definitely be ordering some of these as soon as possible.

Also worth noting…
Both sets of output gears in these kits are machined from CRS instead of molded from powdered metal. Much stronger. You guys are giving these motors a rough time!

These tougher output gears will be rolling out in 393 motors across the board as we reorder.


This set of gears looks great !

Does anyone have a youtube reference or PDF to show students on how to change the gears successfully (i.e. right amount of grease, identifying problem gears) ?

YESSS This is very very good news! :smiley: Prototyping time.

any chance that just the replacement screws for the case assembly will be made available separately?

any chance that just the replacement screws for the case assembly will be made available separately?

Hi Rob

I have got in the habit of picking over the carcasses of our dead motors. I collect the front and back gears (if intact) and all the screws from them to boost the parts box.

I’m not sure if it is Lucas’ driving style that is ruining the motors :wink: but I am getting a pretty healthy collection now.

Cheers, Paul

Hi Rob,
We aren’t planning on it, but will consider it for the future.
Our intent was to provide a low cost “all the parts you need” pack, rather than trying to offer all the items individually.


We just got a few of these motor refurb kits, and I think this is one of the best market decisions that VEX has ever made. We had 5 393s with broken gears that we could no longer use, but now with the refurb kits (and some spare good motors) we have enough 393s for 2 robots!

Awesome! My team has evolved from snapping teeth to completely snapping gears in half and we’ve destroyed at least 20 sets of gears this year! Glad to hear about the CRS!:D:D:D:D:D

Uh, how? We used 30 393 motors this year between our three robots and only two of them every broke gears, both of which were over a year old.

Are you running some insane gear ratio?

20 is an exaggeration, 14-15 is more accurate:o
We had a VERY aggressive robot during gateway so we started out with a lot of weakened motors. This lead to four sets snapping on the drive train. We had a haywire autonomous at one competition this year that tried to lift a trough out of the ground at a 22:1 ratio. This broke four lift motor gear sets. After redesigning the drive train and not testing it, we broke four more sets at competition on the drive train. then we broke another arm motor at nationals and the intake motor at a practice session.
We have a very complex bot and have only worked the final bugs out in the past month (started building in June).

In other words, I’m thrilled about the Refurb kit.:smiley:

We love the refurb kits.

Our kids have snapped so many high strength gears that we have about 3-5 pounds of 393 speed gears in a one quart bag.

With the switch over from the powder metal gears the breakage rate seems to be lower though. Thanks Vex. Maybe the kids are just using rubber bands better?