Motor Broke :/

Ok I was grabbing my robot and something tugged. I looked back and see a wire on the floor from the motor.
How can i fix this?
Should i just scrap the motor?

Is it for competition or something else.
It is not easy to fix motor legally without having increased chance of it breaking again in the future.

It is for competition.
I do have two other broken motors that have the gears broken. should i make one completely useless motor and one good one

yes, motors have been back ordered for me for a while. Franken-motor time.

I’d do this. My school has enough motors built up from 5+ years of vex which all are destroyed by either wires being pulled or gears chipping. gears are easy, but the wires are difficult to do legally.

This happened with us before where the wire got pulled out. There is so many copper wires that you have to specifically put them back into place, it will be much better if you just scrap the motor. If I were you, try to contact VEX and turn in the motor to them, and they should give you another motor for free. If you’re unable to do that, all you gotta do is buy a motor for not that high of a price, only $10.

I don’t think vex will replace this motor. It was not broken to begin with. If they sent you a faulty motor, they might, but not one that was accidently broken.