Motor Burnout? Maybe?

We chain-and-sprocketed our wheels so that we could have a faster robot, but now our robot won’t mount the platform and randomly starts functioning at much less power. Is there a fix, or do we need to go back to a 1:1 ratio? Right now we are using standard v5 motors on a 3:1 ratio.

Is there a lot of friction on the chain?

Some, but not a lot.

I have this same issue. I am inclined to think burnout, but I dont know how to fix it

how many motors are you using?

How many motors, what type of internal motor gearing do they have, where are you wheels on your drivetrain, and how much does your robot weigh?

I know that my issues are on a robot with 4 V5 motors, green gearing, 30x30 chassis, and all omnis. The chassis is steel, so it’s a little on the heavy side.

A friend told me that if your robot weighs over 19-ish pounds gearing the drivetrain to higher speeds doesn’t really work that well.

My robots drivetrain has the same motors as yours, its 35x35, four omnis, and aluminum. Once it is finished I will test a 3:1 or something and let you know how it works. Mine may weigh a lot more than average however because flywheel+scissor lift (actually going to be op)

A sister team of mine was actually going to use that robot setup mid-season. It looked promising, but fell through because they had no clue what they were doing with a flywheel.

3:1 sounds like a very greedy ratio to me with 200 rpm cartridges and just 4 motors. Unless you have 100 rpm cartridges I’d suspect a burnout.

But, aren’t V5 motors somewhat resistant to this. Cant they tell if they aren’t going anywhere and give up before they hit their braking point.

We use a 1:1 external ratio with the default gearing

Was my signature your inspiration? We are actually using a Cascade (Dreadnought style).

I just built the scissor because it was the only lift that would fit (I wasn’t going to try for a cascade too hard). I saw your signature earlier today and thought Scissor Lift Gang

The rest of my team keeps telling me it’s a bad idea. But then again they also hated on my cascade lift before I finished it.

If you are on the vex discord I can leak you my scissor lift

Rats. I read this thread title and thought you were doing burnouts with the robot.

If you made a light enough robot with a fast enough drive train you totally could. Might be interesting to see once.

Ours last year would do wheelies

You are WAY over-geared. Assuming 4" wheels, go back to direct drive.