Motor clicking on flywheel

We are having trouble with our flywheel, in which as it is speeding up, select motors will click on occasion. As it gets up to its maximum speed, the clicking seems to stop or at least do it minimally. When stopping, it sometimes clicks a lot as it slows down. Could this possibly be because one or more motor isn’t going the same speed as the rest? I have included a picture of the gear train. The gear ratio is 9.8:1 speed setup with 4 393 motors

Hi Kaleb, a common cause for clicking in motors is due to the internal teeth being damaged. I would open up the motor and take a look inside to check if this is the case.

he’s right, unscrew the top and bottom and replace them if worn out

Yes, the last time that we heard clicking the motor’s gears were worn out. We tried replacing gears, but feel that it is safer to replace the entire motor.

Whenever there’s clicking involved, the majority of the time it’s the gear in the picture. We just had issues with 2 separate motors today, and both were caused by these internal gears. They’re located underneath another similar looking gear on the top side of the motor(green side). There’s been some suggestions about selling them in packs, because generally these are prone to being damaged.

If you have any motors that are broken in other ways, like a broken wire, then you could probably salvage the gear(s) from those

The motor refurb kit includes these too. But salvage from old motors as you don;t have to wait :slight_smile:

Not sure if we are seeing these break due to the improvement to change to cast output stage gears or what. This gear seems to be the weak link in this game. Or maybe there was a bad batch where the metal formula was just off a touch. Or maybe a purposeful reformulation.

We have not had flywheel kinds of strains on motors in the past, mainly lifting kinds of loads. So that may be why we see this kind of error now and not as much before when the output gears would chip more often.

Click the motor refurb tab halfway down the page to see it.

The gear you want is at 1:00 position (assuming you can read analog clocks which I am surprised to see how many people these days do not know how to read them quickly)