Recently my team and i have been testing on our bot and we have been facing some problems. And one we still can’t figure out is a click coming from our gearbox. We thought it was our motor so we switched it out which decreased the clicking but later on, during one of our practice our robot tipped over. And the clicking got worst, we decided to change our pivotal gear to see if that will solve our problem since the gear tooth was a little chipped. Not only has our problem gotten worse but our robot itself is falling apart and it looks like hell since our first competition is in a few weeks. Any ideas will be nice and will be taken into consideration.

Lets see, This could be a few things, 1: the teeth are slipping which would mean that you need to strengthen the support around the gears and axles or maybe take some of the stress off the gear box with tons of rubber bands on the lift, 2: it could be that there is so much force that you are just sheering the gears in all the motors that you use on it which would mean you probably need a bigger gear ratio or more rubber bands. A picture of the system would help us better figure out the issue.

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Likely still a chipped or broken internal gear. How much stress are you putting on the motor? Is the ticking happening at the same time when you apply the same amount of power to the motor over a period of time?
Last year (my first year in VEX), we ramped up a flywheel immediately without gradual acceleration on a 1-wheel-per-motor setup and snapped a tooth off right away. Try lessening the load, and replacing the snapped internal gear (again).

@1575KWAMS If you replaced your motor and the clicking continued, then the clicking must be from your external gear box. Most likely, there is some looseness in the construction that is allowing an axle to flex enough that the gears are slipping. It might also be the case that one of the axles is slightly bent, so that the gears move apart from one another during every rotation.

Check those axles, and look for ways to strengthen/tighten your build overall.

There is quite a few things that could be happening:

  1. Axle (if using one) is bent, rotated, out of place, etc. - make sure that your axles look good.
  2. If you are using separate gears/sprockets make sure that it’s a reasonable ratio and that the teeth are slipping in this situation too, so tighten everything.
  3. Check to make sure that the motor controller/motor cord is fully plugged in.
  4. Check to make sure that the internal gearing looks fine, make sure the gears are in place and aren’t moving around too much .
  5. Check to see if the internal gears are stiff and aren’t moving as well as they should, if not put small amounts of oil on the gears until they move fine.
  6. Make sure that there isn’t too much stress on the motor.
  7. Make sure that the motor is mounted correctly.

Hope that one of these suggestions helps you.

we are not putting soo much stress but there are a couple rubber bands on our lift


Our motor (393) clicks whenever it moves. When we opened it up, the gears would “fall off.” We are currently searching for the solution to fix this problem…

Sometimes the small shafts that keep the gears in the back of the motor will come loose and cause the gear to move around under the green casing.
Maybe check that part of the motors.

The small shafts were loose, but even after we put them back in they fell out…

That is a problem that we have as well.
Possibly glue them in place with a small amount of super glue.

Not sure if this violates the rules or not.


I also am not sure if that is against the rules or not, but I’ll take it into consideration, thank you!

The same thing happened with 1815K’s robot. They were hearing clicks in the motors internally, and we still heard clicks even after replacing the internal motor gears. We concluded that the motor is broken in an area unfixable and so we had to get a new motor. So here are two options to try to fix the issue:

  • Replace the internal gears to the motor(s)
  • Just get a new motor(s)
  • Maybe check if there is an issue on the other internal area on the motor (The green cover/cap).

If you’re certain it’s the motor, you can try putting in the internal gears one at a time until you start hearing the clicking noise. This will tell you what piece is causing it. Also, you can try swapping the front black plastic piece or the back green plastic piece to see if the fittings on those pieces might be misaligned. We have some extra motor covers from older motors that are no longer functional.

If you do decide to buy a new motor, make it 2-3 motors instead of just 1. As a rule, my team maintains a buffer of at least 1 spare motor and 1 spare MC29 at all times.