Hello People,
I was programming my arm and realized that it is two heavy for two motors. So we decided to add 2 more motors and connect the 2 motors on the left side with 1 y-cable and the 2 motors on the other side with another y-cable. But after we did this the motors stopped working completely. They are not even moving.

Below is that section of my code

		if (vexRT[Btn5U] == 1)
			motor(arm1) = 90;
			motor(arm2) = 90;

		else if (vexRT[Btn5D] == 1)
			motor(arm1) = -90;
			motor(arm2) = -90;

			motor(arm1) = 0;
			motor(arm2) = 0;

Your help would be really appreciated.
P.S. It would be even better if you could help as quickly as you can as we cannot proceed without this problem out of the way.

Are all codes in a while loop? And is the program sending power to the motor? If it isn’t then its probably the motors fault. Replace the motors.

I’m pretty sure you need to use square brackets ] around the motor your using rather than curved ones ( ).

Motor[arm1] = 90; for example.

I’d definitely try that first.

I can’t think of a motor distribution in which the two left side motors spin in the same direction. My guess is it’s not moving because the two left motors need to spin in opposite directions. Just switch the leads of the wire on either both bottom motors (left and right) or both top motors to be black-to-red instead of black-to-black, and they should spin in the opposite direction. Good luck!

Totally agree with @Mystellianne. You can also change the motor direction in the motor setup screen by clicking the box instead of changing the wiring. Good luck.

Make sure everything wire wise is White to white and black to black

Some y cables are keyed differently, you need to plug in the motor controllers backwards into the y cables (sounds weird, but it worked for me when I had this issue)

@97934V Thanks, the wires weren’t connected properly. SO STUPID OF ME!!!

Happens to every one… and usually more than once :slight_smile: