Motor Connection Problems

On a number of our prototypes, a motor or two has decided to cut out, but only in one direction. The first time was one motor on a rack and pinion lift system, then a high strength on a drive, and then another high strength on another different lift. They have all been plugged into different ports, and even when there is no stress on them, they still do not work. Could this be a cortex problem?

We had a problem like this today at a regional competition (we made it to simi-finals, but then got out, but it was close.)

I would replace your motor’s power inverters, those have a huge tendency to fail. I doubt that it is a cortex problem.

It sounds like some sort of electrical problem. It doesn’t sound like a Cortex problem, but it could be either a motor controller problem, or a problem with the internal electronics inside the motors. Basically, you’ll have to do some testing and swap items around until you figure out through trial and error whether it’s a motor or the motor controller that’s failing.