Motor Controller 29 CAD

Does CAD for the Motor Controller 29 exist?

If so can I have a step file?

  • Andrew

There does not appear to be one on the Official VEXCAD Page

Have you though about designing your own and Contributing it???

I would, However I don’t have one on me, and wont for a while since we wont be ordering parts for a while.

  • Andrew

I understand… I don’t have one, or any of the Two Wire Motors, yet… ( I’m Old School… )

Florida… It’s 03:05 there!! Do you ever sleep?

I do, just I’m on a roll Cadding tonight! :smiley:

  • Andrew

You might be able to Extrapolate, some from some Photos…

Using the VEX Motor Controller 29

The case appears to be 3x the Width and 3x the Height of a Vex Three Wire Cable, and the Length is 2x the Width on the case.

Keep Rolling!!!

I quit about 4 ish… But yes. Robots looking good. :wink:

  • Andrew

Here’s the one I made. It’s not quite correct but close enough.

Edit: attachment removed as the official version is up.

Thank You!!!

And he does 3D CAD, too…

You are an impressive person, or many talents… :wink:

Thanks for providing the File…

Mark, Andrew

You are welcome.

The two small circular extrusions underneath don’t have the correct spacing, they should be 0.5" apart and are 0.55" in this model. There again, although I did measure the controller, it’s only 95% accurate anyway. Making parts is not hard, this one took about 30 minutes.

Out of curiosity, why do you want a CAD of it? I mean, you don’t really need it for a CAD model, unless you want it to look EXACTLY like the real thing.

Mounting holes for machined parts :slight_smile:

The STEP file for this item has been posted on it’s product page: