Motor Controller 29 Interfering with 393 Motor?

We have been experiencing issues with our back right 393 motor that has 4 ‘Motor Controller 29’ parts mounted onto the side with zip ties. If there is anything I should know about this configuration, please respond.

The only problem I can think of is small amounts of heat going to the motor, but that would mean that the heat would make the controllers get hot as well, and seeing as how some other motors aren’t having problems, it would mean that the controllers being there are fine.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that the only motor you are having problems with is that one. Try replace it and see if works fine.

Whatever your problem is, it almost certainly doesn’t have anything to do with the MC29s. If you give us more detail about what kind of “issues” you are having, perhaps with a video, then we might be of further assistance in tracking down the real problem.

The 393 motor is an electromagnetic rotating machine and generates a few stray fields. Perhaps the motor is interfering with the MC29 and creating a feedback loop thus affecting only that motor’s PWM drive. It could even come down to exactly where the MC29 is placed on the motor.
Try separating the MC29’s from the motor.

We moved the motor controller’s and still have the same issue.

Our challenge has been this. We’ve built three identical robots. They use Mecanum wheels, 393 motor on each wheel with a chain and sprocket drive of 18 on the motor and a 12 on the wheel. We’ve check the friction of the wheels by releasing the chain and spinning the wheels and the spin like crazy. The only additional weight over the right side of the machines is the controller and a button switch. On all three, the right side rear motor (sitting under the lift tower) seems to trip out more often and before any of the others. The left front and back side of the machine runs like a deer.
We’re able to get a minute and 45 second run done successfully if avoiding going over the bump too often. We also only use the strafing when absolutely needed.

On one of the machines, we’ve gone to a 18 to 18 sprocket ration and changed the gears in the 393 to the higher speed. Still same problem with right side of machine.

Why right side only. Friction seems to be same on all yet the left just goes and goes. Replaced motors with new…same thing. Left side of machine motors are in ports 2,3,4 and 5 and right side in 6,7,8,and 9. Two motors for drive, one for lift and one for intake.

I’m thinking of slightly drilling the bearing on the right rear side to provide for a little loosening of the chain. As I said though, both left and right are built same and left is good.