Motor controller 29

This this the 2nd motor controller this month that caught on fire.
Anyone knows why?

You probably have a short in a motor. Do you see damage around the motor strain relief?

If both motor controllers caught fire because of the same motor, then replace the motor.

If the cause was two different motors, check that you wired everything correctly and aren’t overheating any motors or tripping the circuit breakers (ports 1-5, 6-10) on the cortex. Try distributing the ports if this is your problem, or possibly consider a power expander as well.

This is not something which happens commonly. Please get in touch with our Support Team so we can help you figure out what’s going on.


Thank You for responding
STPA-724a- different motors
jpearman - they were new motors, we tried them on another bot.
I will contact Vex support team
Thanks all

I have a question, ive had this happen as well and it emitted pink smoke. This was a year ago and I’m wondering if this is the case commonly with this sort of failure.

Pink smoke?!?! Never seen that!

I had this happen yesterday…

When our motor controller combusted, the smoke was gray.

Anyone who has this issue should also check the motor controller itself for a short or exposed wires. Ours had been pinched by a piece of metal and it had both wires exposed in the same place, which caused it to short and burn.

Hello, i have motor controllers break all the time, i have never encountered the problem but i have had to fix the problem for other teams in my robotics program.

i have always found it to be a short either in the cabling of the motor or the part of the cable that goes into the motor.

i have had different colours of smoke. jet blue, grey smoke, pinkish ting etc

but this is always down to a short.

I would guess that the pink smoke is from the red and white wire insulations burning up and emitting smoke.