motor controller smoke

@fuzzylogic568 , and anyone else who is new to VEX, 99% of the time, motor controllers overheat and smoke when there is a short in the motor wires at the point where the motor wires enter the motor case. Look at the strain relief and you’ll probably see that the insulation is cracked, and if the wires short together, you’ll get the magic smoke. We’re hoping the new motors coming out with the new controller will have this problem corrected.

^^ what Mike said. So you may want to stop putting that motor on more and more controllers. Also make sure you don’t hook that motor up to ports 1 or 10 or you may burn out the Cortex too.

To see what they are talking about you will probably have to unscrew the back of the motor and slide back the strain relief. In case you don’t know, that is the black rubber thing that goes around the wire were it enters the motor. You can fix the problem by wrapping each wire individually with duck tape or electrical tape where the insulation has been worn away. Then you can slide the strain relief back up over the tape, and put the motor cover back on. I like to save those burnt out motor controllers so you can use the pins on the connectors to replace broken pins on parts that still work.