motor controller vs. ports 1 and 10

A bot has 2 motors that keep popping the motor controllers but not the whole circuit. Is it any advantage to use ports 1 and 10 as opposed to the motor controller for these 2 motors

None, the PTC (fuse) is in the motor not the controller.

This isn’t entirely true… there is a PTC inside the Cortex also… actually two of them: one on ports 1-5 and the other on ports 6-10.

There is no advantage over using ports 1 & 10, but there is an advantage in balancing motors over the two different sides of the bank to balance the current load over these two PTCs.

Here’s a great post about it:

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Ok, touché John. I thought Kevin was wanting to directly compare the power available for a motor on a pwm port with a motor on a 2 wire port.

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