Motor cooling (not canned air)

Just to clarify, quick swapping is not cooling your motors.

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Do you have the 3D print file/model I would be interested in trying this if your willing to share?

When we run out of canned air we use a air pump (like the one you have)

I’ll get pictures of just the base later today. But it’s just a couple 35x c-channels with 6 140 mm server fans off Amazon. They come in sets of 3 and have an external psu and speed controller. Works pretty well and it’s not to loud.

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Do hot swap. Rubber band your motors together so that you can take off the back part and swap it out for one of your spares.

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It works sorta well

Takes a little bit to cool down the motor but way better than nothing. If you had two on each side of your motors they would cool it super well, but that’s like $640 to for all 16 coolers, and it would use your tournaments entire electricity output. Best solution: fridge or quickswaps


I saw this product at worlds. You can think of it as infinite canned air. The air coming out is not as cold as canned air, but it think it is cold enough to work.

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exactly what i’m looking for! ty

No problem. Keep in mind that I did not perform research comparing this option to others that could be cheaper or more effective. This may be the best, or may not be.

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I did a little research and found out that the air isn’t what’s making it cold, it’s this chemical (1 1-difluoroethane 75-37-6) that they put in the cans that is. Rip infinite cold canned air

True, but the machine still emits cold air. As I said, it is not as cold, but I think it is cold enough to make a significant impact. You can think of it like a handheld AC.

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the reason that the air inside compressed air cans comes out very cold is because when something is de-compressed, it drops in temperature. That something in this case is the air which is under very high pressure inside the can, but is rapidly decompressed when you let it out. It’s also in liquid form inside the can, because of the high pressure inside it is able to remain liquid at room temperature, which is why when spraying the can upside down, the liquid comes out at extremely cold temperature, and then boils off.

an air compressor on the other hand, will not be emitting very cold air. if you have the air in the compressor stored at room temperature under high enough pressure, then releasing the pressure will cause a drop in temperature, but the air from this compressor will likely not be under enough pressure for this to occur enough to be of much use. But the airflow could be enough to cool off a motor, similar to the way a pc fan cools the electronics, if it wasn’t for the thick and very insulating plastic motor casing, which prevents these sorts of cooling methods from having much real effect on the motor itself.


4082B uses a minifridge


That is the chemical that makes canned air deadly. Also if you are using a lot of it in a small space I would suggest moving out of that area for a little bit.

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I don’t think its not commercially available chemical for no reason

solution to this topic: something that doesn’t exist (yet)

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We can use these
we gotta have the rgb>

Some teams were using this at worlds This

If you really want to go crazy then you can take a bucket fill it with water and place a pond pump in it and 3d print custom water cooling things to go around the motors.

I am already making this, here is the first prototype with just the fans, I made a cold plate out of metal keeping the coolant at a very low temp cooling the motors faster and better. However I am just having trouble 3D printing a pump for the system.