Motor Cooling

Can anyone help with our motors. They keep over heating on our flywheel and dying before we can get through a whole match. There are two high speed motors on a 25:1 gear ratio, but any lower of a ratio won’t work.

Are you using V5?

no, ours hasn’t come yet

2 motor high speed 25:1 with V4 is a bit of a stretch. Why don’t lower ratios work?

That gearing seems perfect with two motors. I would check on the friction. Posting pictures of every single connection and axle would be helpful.

Ok, maybe you’re right. Not too familiar with what ratios are good for 2 motor V4 flywheels. If that’s an ok ratio, then like @The Electrobotz says, it’s gotta be friction.

We used 25:1 HS with 393s. Worked great. If they’re overheating it usually means that there’s a lot of friction - make sure that all of your shafts are only going through two bearings max. Make sure that everything is parallel, and that none of the shafts are bent.

Our A team had a good 2 motor flywheel that worked well. He is doing a rebuild right now. Our other team did not have the same success and went to a puncher. For flywheels, build quality is everything. Reduce friction as much as you possibly can and then cut that friction in half.