Motor Cooling

Do any of you have a way to cool down motors that are too hot. I was wondering if there is something that works best with Vex 393 cortex motors. Something like a hairdryer that blows cold air maybe.

Turn compressed air upside down and spray your motors down

Has anyone taken ice packs with them to comp? How’d it go?

If you wanted to do something against the rules, drill a hole in the motor housing, use pneumatics and send air puffs to the motors. :slight_smile:

I haven’t used ice packs with VEX stuff, but years ago we used bags of ice as an emergency measure to cool the motor controller on a solar racer, and it worked beautifully. Be careful not to get water (including from condensation) inside the electronics, though. I’d be more likely to try the compressed air method as you can get to the motors wherever they are well with the straws that come with compressed air cans and they don’t leave a mess on your robot.

Go outside. :slight_smile:

holes in the motor housing are “wear and tear”.

Yes, on newly released equipment. :wink:

Some teams remove one of the screws from the green motor cover and use the hole to inject compressed air coolant into the motor.

I couldn’t find Q&A about it being legal at the moment, but it had been discussed here:

Build a fan using lexan, and put it on a flywheel shaft, to blow air over the motors that you are using :wink: