Motor distribution doubt

Hi there everybody! I have a really important doubt so if could help me it would be great.

Me and a team mate have in mind to use 6 motors on the base wheels to maximize speed, then use 2 motors and the pneumatic stuff to raise up our robot and the 2 other motors to open and close the robot claw. But other 3 people also of the grop thinks that we need to use 4 motors AND the pneumatic stuff to raise up the robot and then other 4 on the wheels and 2 on the claws.

So because we haven’t talked on the forum yet i wanted to ask you people what do u think is best?
And if you have a better idea we are open to everything.
Early thanks to everybody!

6 4 2

Use 12 motors and no pneumatics.

6 Motor Drive
4 Motor Lift
2 Motor Claw
(If this is for the new game - not starstruck)

You don’t need pneumatics for a lift, and for In The Zone, the lift doesn’t need to be very strong

Interesting… so interesting… thank you a lot, let’s see if someone more gives his opinion!

Definitely use the 12 motors this year, no pneumatics.

I think a six motor drive (high speed or high torque) would be best, but a four motor drive (high torque) could also work, you would just want to use caution.

I would use two motors for a claw and whatever’s left for the lift (depending on what you use for your drive).

2 motors is probably good for a lift lifting 1 cone
2 motors on a claw that just gets a cone might be overkill… unless you’re grabbing pylons with the same claw
So for me so far:
6 motor drive
2 motor lift (passive intake)
2 motor pylon manipulator
2 motor flag spinner

I don’t know, spinning a flag during a match with only two motors can put some serious strain on those motors. I would use four motors with a power expander dedicated to that flag. Better safe than sorry.

Honestly until we all get the game elements it will be hard to determine exactly what we need. Sortta like for starstruck at first the catapult was the bright idea. Here are a few sets that we are looking at prototyping:

A Robot-8 turbo motor tank drive, pneumatic/2motor claw, two motor lift
B Robot- 4 high speed+2 Standard motor h drive or 6 high speed motor transmission, 4 motor lift, pneumatic claw
C Robot- 6 high speed motor tank, 2 motor piviot, 2 motor lift, pnuematic/2motor claw

I wouldn’t jump to the no pneumatic conclusion too quickly

4 for drive
4 for lift 1
2 for lift 2
two pneumatic claw things

i honestly think:
4 Drive
6 lift
1 claw(or 2 if you dont have a base lifter)
and 1 one a base lifter…

4- Drive
4- Arm
2- Secondary arm
2- Some cool stuff (very technical terms)

2 motor cone lift
2 motor goal lift
1 motor claw
6 motor 7:1 Mechanum X drive
1 motor drive transmission

Is this a joke? Its wrong on so many levels.

No one’s talking about a wrist motor?

I dont appreciate people making fun of my design idea.

Are you doubting the Turbo 7:1 mechanum X drive?!?!?!?! Disgusting

Add a 5-stage scissor lift to that and you have the perfect robot :wink: .

I mean it’s top speed is insane. It just has to get moving first.

i will build it out of 1 by bar and only use one motor, i dont see any flaws in the design and i think @Bryan R will have lots of success with it.