Motor Distribution

I have a question about where to use motors this year. As of now I’m planning on using

4 motor tank drive
4 motor double reverse 4 bar
1 motor team 62 style arm
1 motor claw (like ri24)
2 piston pneumatic mobile base lift

My concerns are that the pneumatics won’t be able to lift the mobile base off the ground, and that a 1 motor claw won’t be able to grasp a mobile base. Any thoughts?

You can always use more than 2 pneumatic pistons if you need them. I don’t see why a 1 motor claw won’t be able to grasp a mobile base. Just grab it from the bottom as if you were grabbing them with your own hands.

You shouldn’t need 4 motors for your rd4b if you purpose it for cones alone, especially with some minor elastic assist.

We found that a four piston mobile goal lift was able to pick up a mobile goal with ~15 cones stacked on top with ease, so 2 pistons should be plenty for just a mobile goal or even a mobile goal with cones.

@jasper How many do you propose then, 2 or 3? if 3, do you have a recommendation for a motor configuration?

Sorry, not sure if you mean 2/3 pistons for the mobile goal or if you mean 2/3 motors for the rd4b

@jasper sorry i meant the DR4B

2 motors for the rd4b, considering the nearly negligible weight of the cones, is more than adequate.

@jasper My only concern with doing 2 would be the speed but i guess a lot of rubber bands would work

Well, technically as you add rubber bands your upwards speed increases but your downward speed decreases, so net cycle time change is indeterminate to some extent.

We are running a rd4b with 2 motors, and I can assure you there isn’t a speed concern.

My plan is to have a double reverse 4 bar similar to the ri24 video, only with an arm like team 62s from skyrise in the center as well. The mobile base will be stored in the center, hence the piston lift. Then it’ll be lowered and the claw willlift it over the 20 point bar

I calculated the most efficient gear ratio for a 2 motor dr4b to be 1:3.125, which is almost uncontrollably fast, so a 1:4.375 or 1:5 is both extremely fast and strong.

Are you still referring to cone-specific rd4b’s?

“almost uncontrollable”

Sorry m999 but considering you couldn’t control a normal 4 bar1:3 i don’t think you will be able to control a DR4B 1:3. With this in mind, as you mentioned before, a DR4B raises 2X faster. In my mind this means that a 1:6 raises effectively as fast as your strastruck arm, which again, uncontrollable. This leads me to believe a 1:5 ratio is going to be very hard to actually control unless its all auton. Just sayin.

yes he is.

I’m curious what you guys mean when discussing “uncontrollable”. Not sure if you’re hinting at minute adjustments or general up and down.

Also, I’m increasingly perplexed by people mentioning strength when discussing cone-only rd4bs…I fail to see how strength should be a consideration. You essentially just need enough torque to lift your intake; the cones weigh negligibly, especially given the 1 cone restriction.

The strength of the DR4B’s is to get that 12 point high hang at the end m8

My plan is to have all cone stacking be automatic. I line up a cone with my robot, probably a concave surface that funnels one cone at a time into position, and then I press a button, and it gets stacked. Easy (I hope).

Don’t forget about only being able to hold one cone at a time.

I haven’t. I just mean that it is a small area that only holds one cone at a time, in order to line it up perfectly.