Motor Distribution

With our current design, we have 4 motors dedicated to the drive train and 2 dedicated to a mo goal chain bar lift. However, that leaves 6 motors for us to make a lift, flipper, and claw with. Our lift is going to be a scissor lift. I was thinking 4 on the lift, one on the flipper, and one on the claw, but I don’t know if a one motor flipper would work. Any suggestions?

That’s the same setup that i will be running on my bot this year. Only thing i would and i am worrying about is the 1 motor chainbar or swingarm.

I will have you know that those are very, very slow robot designs.

Were just not as creative as you california teams

What do you mean slow? I’ll have you know, it did the Kessell run in under 2 parsecs.

oops, a parsec is a unit of distance :wink:

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What do you mean slow? The mogoal lift, scissor lift or flipper? Not all scissors are slow, and our mogoal lift takes 2 seconds to lift and lower.

I believe he means on the chain bar

If what you mean by flipper is meant to pick up fallen over cones, that is obviously slow.
I’ve seen scissor lifts be a little successful in early season and judging from what you’re doing currently i highly doubt they will be your bottleneck. Your bottleneck here is going to be the mobile goal lift and your cone intake. Your mobile goal lift may lower and lift in 2 seconds (though I do doubt that those “2 seconds” are actually 2 seconds), but that doesn’t mean it can actually SCORE a mobile goal in the 20 point zone or pick one up, etc. in 2 seconds. more like 7-8 max. Your cone lift will also hinder you from beating a lot of good teams.

No he means a chain bar.

Well look at some good scissor lifts cause us and 9605a have about a one second cycle time on our scissor lifts

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My bad. When I say flipper, I mean for transporting cones from the front of the robot to the back. That’s just another chain bar. Check out 1045a’s reveal. Think of something similar to that.

You are correct. It was a play on a line from Star Wars - A New Hope. Hans Solo was not referring to the time it took, but to the fact that he took the Millennium Falcon on a shorter, but more dangerous route to complete the Kessel Run, which was a very popular smuggler’s route.

The millennium falcon? This is the ship that did the Kessel Run in fourteen parsecs!

Which required great speed to avoid being sucked into a gravity well (The Maw, a cluster of black holes).

All of this i am convinced was fabricated to cover up for Lucas’ origianal use of the world Parsec.

Probably true!!

Haha, yep I totally missed the reference :smiley: