Motor encoder printing

I’m using pros to program my robot, and i am trying to experiment with v5 motor encoders. I am trying to print the motor.get_position() function but it always says that it cant convert the double value into a string value. I am new to use pros and thank you for helping.

#include <string>
std::string str=std::to_string(motor.get_position());
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Wow. That’s a lot of code…

printf("%f\n", motor.get_position());


std::cout << motor.get_position() << std::endl;
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Thanks. But how do i print this on the controller’s screen? Does this work?

lcd_print(0, “%f\n”, motor.get_position());

Thanks a lot.

I guess what he meant was how to convert double into const char*

#include <string>
std::string str=std::to_string(motor.get_position());
lcd_print(0,“%s \ n”,str.c_str());
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That’s more code than is necessary

pros::lcd::print(0, "%f", motor.get_position());

I haven’t heard of any issues with LLEMU. Open an issue on GitHub with an example and we’ll take a look.

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My student said that the main problem was the length of printing.
Mingming remote control screen still has space. If it’s longer, it’s useless.

  joy1->print(0, 0, "joy  robot ball");
if (_timerDisPlay.getDtFromMark() >= 100)
        joy->print(1, 0, "%d%% %.0f%% %u", joy->get_battery_capacity(), pros::battery::get_capacity(), getBallNums());

    joy1->print(0, 0, "joy   robot   ball");//Adding more space

And :


It seems inaccurate. Is there something wrong with my usage? :disappointed_relieved:

No, I think you are just running into the limit we have on string length able to be sent to the controller.

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