Motor Glitches

My team and I competed at a competition and we were having problems with our drive motors glitching and stalling. Our robot had a 1:2 gear ration for the drive train and two integrated encoders on the rear drive motors, we are also using 393 motors. during the competition we changed the gear ratio from a 1:2 to a 1:1.6 by internally gearing the motors for speed, and we unplugged one of the IMEs. This helped greatly, but after the qualifying rounds we were picked to compete for the finals. To make sure we our drive motors were not going to fail we changed them out and also replaced the IME. During the elimination match though our robot started to refresh with every little move we made during driver control. If anyone can offer any suggestion for fixing this problem we would be very grateful.

Thank You

Do you mean refresh as in the robot was resetting in terms of connection?

It sounds like a problem with the IMEs many people have had previously although I’m not sure if a 100% solution has been discovered. You might have success doing a quick search through the forums for related IME problems and try switching back to your old one. If I remember correctly there was link to static affecting the IMEs and disconnecting the robot.

What sort of wheels are you using ?

The robot was disconnecting and reconnection spontaneously. We are planning on switching to a two wire encoder to see if that makes it better. Thank you for the suggestion

We are using four omni wheels each motor is connected independently to a wheel by chain and sprockets.

You guys should have a look into your 2-wire motor controllers or the motor itself, but also could be something causing the problem! Look into your drive train… The internal gearing may be broken so look into that… Wishing you all the best on solving your problems :slight_smile:

The original poster has stated that his robot is losing link and reconnecting instantaneously. How in the world would it be any of the things you have listed? :expressionless: