Motor help and other things

I finally found a way to put the mobile goal intake on our robot (My teammate had to work on the engineering notebook for winter break) and everything works, but one of the two motors on our mogo intake is very slow and is very choppy in the way that it moves. I don’t have any spare motors with me at the moment and our competition is Saturday.

I’m guessing it’s a problem with the motor, but I have no idea how to fix it without replacing the entire thing. (Both motors are regular 2-wire 393 motors, which power a 1:5 gear ratio. Our robot is mogo-only.)

I’ll try and attach a video later.

Onto my second issue, (this is an edit to the og comment) our team doesn’t have sensors. We need these; our mogo lift doesn’t go up at the same time and we have no way of combatting this.

do you have any spare motor controllers? my team had this issue before and it was fixed by replacing the motor controller, not the motor. (although we tried both solutions)

@avspark I do! I’ll try that and get back to you once I find and replace it.

@avspark It didn’t work; I inspected the motor controller and it seemed to be brand new, but the motor is still very jittery.

Here are some other threads on this issue, they might help.

I would recommend testing the motor on a different port. We had a similar issue on one of our ports.

@avspark thanks! I’ll look into those.

@RoboTurtleLord Okay!

Edit: It worked, but now the other side is slightly jittery (Not nearly as bad as the other side, though.)

You could mechanically connect the sides of the mogo lift enough that one side can’t go up without the other side, this will allow the working motor to correct for the other one. Also try changing the port of the other motor that’s now jittery, along with checking for coding errors that send multiple values to the same motor at once.

You could do this, but it is a temporary solution which may end up harming both motors as one must work harder than the other, and one is receiving external motion.

Yeah they can do that if it’s super close to the competition and they can’t get anything else to work