Motor Hold/Brake in VEXCode V5 Blocks

We are currently trying learn VEXCode V5 and have decided to stick with blocks for now since we have limited time. Is it possible to set Motor Hold/Brake with Blocks? We know that for RobotC Graphical in IQ, motor brakes were set by default.

Thank you!

There is probably a command for it in blocks, but in v5 text you use the brake type command

When you add a motor to the Devices, you’ll see the Motion blocks for the motor appear. Then you can use the ‘set motor stopping’ block:


(From VEXCode Help)
This will set the behavior of the V5 Smart Motor once it stops moving.

  • Brake will cause the Motor to come to an immediate stop.
  • Coast lets the Motor spin gradually to a stop.
  • Hold will cause the Motor to come to an immediate stop, and returns it to its stopped position if moved.

The set motor stopping will take effect for all future motor commands for the rest of the project.