Motor is not running

Is there a way to distinguish between 269 and 393 vex motors? I am using a greenish motor but I can’t tell which model it is. And is there a power limit? I am making a standard claw bot, just trying to get it to move (not for competition). The code shouldn’t be the problem, but the motor only works for the claw, and is not able to life the arm. Is it because the motor doesn’t have enough force to lift it, or for some other reason.
Here is a snip of my code with no compile errors.

Unofficial Response
Why would you assign a motor to listen to a joystick, then at the same time in the loop tell the motor to listen to buttons from “if” statements?

What do you want? The motors to apply based upon joystick commands or the motors to apply based upon button commands?

I would advise considering adding a


at the end of the loop (in the while loop but right before the “}”) for good practice and increase in consistency of loop time intervals for more automated programming like macros (fancy word for multi-tasking)

By the way 269 and 393 motors are not IQ. They are EDR.
You can differentiate between the two EDR motor types as 269 are old and tinier (they are the size of a servo unless I am mistaken), and 393’s are a bit bigger. Chances are, you have a 393 as 269’s are heavily outdated and the old clawbot kit (or PLTW kits) comes with 393’s.

Yes there is a power limit of -127 to 127 in code, where 0 is stop.