motor issues

We are using 2 (269) motors to drive our robot. The problem we are having is while we are driving our robot it seems that the motors loose power and the wheels stop working all together. If we wait for a few seconds the wheels turn again great and the motors are working again. We thought the wheels were binding but we have change out the shaft holders and still same problem…HELP!!!

It looks like you are tripping the motors internal breakers. This basically happens when the motors are trying to do too much. To fix this problem, you can add more motors to your drive (I heavily suggest this course of action, 2 269’s is not very much), you can gear down your drive for power, or you can try and reduce the weight of your robot. Any one of these should help the motors.

Welcome to the VEX forums. There are many, many threads discussing this same issue. You could start with this one from last week, it then references others you could also read.

If you still have questions be sure to get back to us.

Having two 269s on your robot is not recommended. There is a team we compete with that uses two 269s on their wheel base and one of the motors breaks completely whenever they’re pushed by a more powerful robot. I suggest either 4 269s, or 2 393s. If you want extreme power so you can push other robots freely, you may even want to try 4 393s.

If you use the Power Expander provided by Vex, you can add a second battery to your robot. This will reduce over-heating problem with your drive motors. I would do this even after you change the motors over to the 2-wire 393’s.:slight_smile:

Roboninja, I don’t think you’re correct. Adding a second battery would reduce stalling caused by too much power draw on a single battery, but having two batteries doesn’t affect the temperature needed to overheat a motor.

BEWARE if you upgrade to a power expander! If ever you use 4 motors on your wheels, don’t plug them all into the power expander. Wheel motors experience more strain than others and as such they draw more electric current. Our wheel motors used to chronically trip the Power Expander’s circuit breaker and stall our wheel base, which cost us the Finals at a tournament and countless other matches.

I agree we have the same problem I found if you use about 75% power then speed up after the gates lift it works well if you have a autonomous then lower the speed on that too hope it helps:)