Motor Issues

We just started with our bots this year and several of my motors that were working just fine last year when we stored them are not showing up in the VEX OS updater at all… I have a brain that is just for updating equipment so I know the brain is not the problem… I have tried just going in port 1 and restarting the brain… one of the times I was pressing the refresh button over and over and the updater showed 3 question marks and then went through an device update and then the motor just disappeared again… any suggestions??

Hi James,

We recently released a new version of VEXos, which should restore all of your suspect motors.
Can you please make sure you are running version# 2017/8/25.8?

Here are a few other tricks that you can use to restore your motors:
A. Connect the suspect motor by itself into port# 1, then execute a right click on the image of the brain on VEXos. At this point a menu will come-up and you will have to click on “Detect Device Port 1”

B. Whenever you get the “3 question marks” please do a right click on the red box and then select “Fix”

If the above fails, please contact


Detect Device Port 1.png