Motor keeps getting overheated

My team has a motor connected to the arm of our claw bot. After turning on the robot, and driving it for about 5-6 minutes, the arm stops lifting, and the motor heats up a lot. After cooling down the motor, the arm begins to work again. How can we fix this?

Are you currently using the “hold” break type on the arm motor?

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some likely causes:

  • too much friction
  • too heavy
  • too ambitious gear ratio

pictures would be helpful.


What color cartridge is in the motor?

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Sorry, we’re a new team. How do we check the color cartridge?

We used instructions that came with the Vex Claw Bot kit hat we got at an event. The two gears are a 12 tooth gear and an 84 tooth gear. (1:7) We’re not sure if the robot is too heavy or not, we don’t have much experience with robots, but the channels we used are steel channels. Here are the photos, thank you so much for your help. :slight_smile:


hmm that should work if you have a 1:7 gear ratio. the only reasons I can think of that would cause this to still overheat are if there is a lot of friction in the system, or if you’re using an inappropriate motor cartridge. if you take off the motor, and look for the color around the shaft hole, you can know what cartridge your using, red is 100 rpm, green is 200 rpm, and blue is 600 rpm. red would be best here, but I think green should still work.
you could also try rubber banding the arm to take some stress off the motor. look for 2 points on your arm that are closer together when the lift is raised and farther apart when the lift is down, and string rubber bands from those 2 points.

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Our cartridge is green. Should we buy a red cartridge motor and try it here, or are there other solutions? Sorry, we are a new team. Thank you!

We found out that our cartridge is green.

I would keep using the green one. it is an official clawbot so it has been proven to work. rubber banding would certainly help.

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Have you tried running the motor through dashboard or the devices menu… maybe it’s an issue with your program

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